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Import In Brazil.

The move must come from the country of residence of the importer;

The moving should arrive in Brazil within 180 days of the importer arrival;

The airline ticket confirming the arrival in Brazil must be presented for customs clearance of move;

It is forbidden the import any motor vehicles, boats, gliders, motorcycles, etc, as well as accessories such as tires, etc., except for foreign diplomats;

We do not recommend bringing drinks and food, even in small quantities, as they are subject to authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture or confiscation by the customs authorities;

A detailed list should with values should be presented for Customs, with the contained items in your moving;

Brazilian Customs will not accept copies of documents by email. All copies must be notarized in Brazilian notary Office;

All shipments are 100% inspected by the customs authorities;

In Brazil, the port expenses / customs are very high and are not normally included in the price of the move. Make sure you are aware, to avoid unpleasant surprises;

Brazilians or foreigners with old permanent visa

Must have lived abroad for at least the last 365 days. You will need to prove to Customs with a Certificate issued by the Brazilian Consulate or the least 13 accounts on behalf of the importer (bills of gas, water, telephone, electricity, pay slips or income tax.


The goods must be imported only after the approval of the visa which gives permission of residence. The importer should already be in Brazil when the goods arrive at port, it is necessary the passport stamped by the Brazilian Federal Police


Diplomats should request a Diplomatic exemption to the MRE before the arrival of the goods, to clear goods from customs.