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Relevant Information

All luggages must leave Brazil within 90 days after the owner has left Brazil.

Foreigners with a temporary visa, who brought luggage to Brazil should return all the goods, failing to, will pay fines and taxes.

Each country has a specific legislation. Do not begin a move without hiring a serious company with experience, who knows how to inform what can and can’t be transported as personal property, as well as the regulations of the country which import and export moves.

ARTWORK: For the shipment with artworks (carpets / painting / sculpture / etc.) Will require special permission from the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage - IPHAN, for which requires 02 photos of each piece, consisting on the verse the following information: author's name, title of work, measures, timing and technique. If you are to move with our company, we follow the process along with the IPHAN;

FEATHER ARTS / INDIGENOUS: Its prohibited the export of piece or product made from byproducts of wildlife, or the indigenous crafts as “Portaria IBAMA 93/1998”( Brazilian regulations);

ANIMALS: For the shipment of animals, it will be required the presentation of the International Animal Health Certificate, which can be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture by submitting the Health Certificate (dated less than 04 days before the flight) and the Certificate of rabies (dated more than 40 days before the flight). It should be noted the requirements of the destination country where the animal is being transported;

VEHICLES: Will require vehicle registration certificate, certificate of registration and licensing of vehicles, property taxes paid, Certificate of Full Content (provided by DMV) and Registration of the Vehicle provided by Detran ( Brazilian regulation organism for vehicles);