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Check Customs Regulations in the destination country in order to check if you are capable to take your moving into the country.

Turn off gas, wash and dry machines, exhausters, chandeliers, antennas and air conditioning.

Place a “Not to take” notice on objects which should not be packed.

Try to leave objects in their own place, this will make easier the packing services.

Avoid to provision your storeroom. Many countries do not allow entrance of foods or beverages.

Turn off fridge or freezer at leat one day before moving, leave doors open to avoid mold.

Check voltage into destination country, as well as plugs and TV System.

In case you live in a building, please inform administration about your moving .

Separate objects and documents which should be taken in your handbag in order our team would net pack them.

Hire a company which can give you not only good price, but high quality and excellence in services.